Excursions in Sogut and Tashlizha

Unforgettable sightseeing tours

After passing through the village of Bayir, to the far end of the Bozburn peninsula, southwest of Marmaris is the village of Sogut. To see the remains of the ancient city of Thyssanos, of which there are so many left, you have to drive to the southwest of the village for about a kilometer.

The landscape of Saranda Bay leaves an indelible impression. Saranda Bay is the main sea gate, the same name is also given to the village-town located about three kilometers from the bay. There you can also see the Greek island of Symi. During sunset, the landscape is especially breathtaking. There are restaurants and hotels for vacationers.

Organic farming is very developed in the village. Not far from Sogut, about five kilometers, is Tashlizha. The road is famous for its unforgettably beautiful scenery. On the Eskera hill, four kilometers from Tashliz, are the ruins of the oldest city of Phoenix.

Serche harbor is located eight kilometers from Tashlizh, which is another attraction of the peninsula. In the harbor, you can often see travelers on boats and yachts, as the harbor water is calm, clean and transparent even in stormy weather.

Excursions in this region are very popular.

The village of Sogut is very easy to get to, it is located southwest of Marmaris, about sixty kilometers.