Roman theater in Turkey

One of the most famous landmarks in Turkey is the remains of a former Roman theater. Previously, it accommodated up to 20 thousand spectators and was built in the second century AD. The building was quite unique and very different from the theaters that existed at that time, since it was built in the Roman style, and not on the side of a mountain.

The arches themselves are held directly on the foundation, and the seats are held by them. Spectators passed through specially equipped covered galleries and stairs.

Previously, the vaults of the theater and its stage were decorated with tiles and various statues. Now all this is a rather atmospheric spectacle in the form of masks of Tragedy and Comedy scattered across the stage, as well as the chipped heads of Medusa.

In ancient times, battles between predators and gladiators were held in this theater. It was also quite often possible to observe the dramatization of various naval battles, in these cases the stage was filled with water. All this was equipped and thought out quite competently from the point of view of safety – a wall about one and a half meters high was erected between the stage and the spectator area.

In the 5-6 centuries AD, the theater became a temple for Christians.

When visiting other countries, it is very important to get acquainted with their culture and customs, only in this way you can fully understand the nationality and feel the atmosphere. Do not forget to also visit the numerous museums that tell about the ethnography of this country, so you will have the most reliable idea of ​​the life of previous generations.