Turkish night

Amazing holiday

Turkish Night is a Turkish national folk festival. Once on it, you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of Turkish folklore. During the holiday, various Turkish national dishes and wines appear on the tables, and artists appear on the stage singing folk songs in colorful Turkish costumes. You can also see a varied dance program, including belly dancing. You can also see the wedding ceremony here, carried out in accordance with local customs. In addition, you will see walking on glass, juggling with knives, fakir show. In addition, you will also enjoy a festive dinner featuring the very best Turkish cuisine. At the end of the event, a festive fun disco is organized, where both popular Turkish and European music sounds. It’s a great holiday which you should definitely visit while you are in Turkey. The festive, cheerful atmosphere and art of the local artists will not leave anyone indifferent.

The cost of an excursion for this wonderful holiday in Antalya (and nearby resorts) is 35 dollars from the guides. The cost of the excursion without the participation of guides will be about $ 25 for guests of the Antalya resort (and nearby resorts). For vacationers in Marmaris (as well as other nearby resorts), the cost of the excursion purchased from the guides will be $ 38. The cost of the same excursion without guides for guests of Marmaris (and nearby resorts) will be $ 33.